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  Application Development

Planning Phase

Identify goals and objectives
Define customers and their needs
Research Market
Conduct Focus Group

Review of implications and opportunity
Specific requirements set for design, technology, enterprise, legal, and branding
Write Business Plan

Design Phase

What's the logical way to organize our information for the customer?
Define the product, partners, content, and how the content is used to fulfill   customer goals
How will the site work for the customer?
Define the navigation, types of interaction and transactions for the customer.

How will the site look to the customer?
Define the styles and organization of the visual elements like buttons and forms.
Begin usability testing with simple paper prototypes, then refine

Implementation Phase

Design templates and test on browsers
Tie back-end systems, such as databases, to interfaces

Usability tests
Stress tests
Quality assurance
Beta tests Maintain
Collect feedback
Analyze server logs and visitor behavior
Prioritize revisions
Continue to test

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