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Developing successful web applications relies on great planning and organization, and adhering to a strong development process that will help ensure the sucess of your web application.

Below is a brief summary of our application development process

Planning Phase

Identify key project members and expert users

Requirements Phase
Collect and gather all the requirements of the system
Outline a clear definition of what the system should do

Analysis Phase
Examine requirements and make a conceptual model of the sytem to be built
Classes and Collaborations, sequence diagrams, state diagrams, and activity      diagrams.

Design Phase
Make the analysis model of the system realizable in software

Implementation Phase
Implementation of the software system
Managing all the technologies involved

Testing Phase
Test all the executable artifacts of the system
Perform unit test, integration test, system test, and acceptance test

Deployment Phase
Setup security and redundancy
Deploy completed application

Evaluation Phase
Configuration and change management


If you have a project or concept that you would like to put online, please contact us. We would be more than happy to discuss your project with you.

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